Modelix Artifact Re-Grouping and Re-naming

In the last week we re-grouped and re-named several artifacts of modelix platform to more clearly convey their functionality. For example, the metamodel-generator is now named model-api-gen illustrating the fact that it generates a model API. Additionally, we also added correct Gradle plugin markers to ease the usage of Gradle plugins in your build scripts. We also bumped the major version of all modelix core components to indicate the breaking nature this group and name change.

The following table lists all current artifacts, highlighting the changes we made in bold text.

Old Artifact Group Old Artifact Name New Artifact Group New Artifact Name
org.modelix model-api org.modelix model-api
org.modelix metamodel-export-mps org.modelix metamodel-export
org.modelix metamodel-generator org.modelix model-api-gen
org.modelix metamodel-runtime org.modelix model-api-gen-runtime
org.modelix metamodel-gradle org.modelix model-api-gen-gradle
(new Gradle plugin marker)
org.modelix incremental org.modelix incremental
org.modelix light-model-server org.modelix model-server-lib
org.modelix model-server-api org.modelix model-server-api
org.modelix model-server org.modelix model-server
org.modelix model-server-fatjar org.modelix model-server-with-dependencies
org.modelix model-client org.modelix model-client
org.modelix light-model-client org.modelix light-model-client
(will soon be merged with above)
org.modelix gradle-plugin org.modelix model-download-gradle
(new Gradle plugin marker)
org.modelix mps-model-plugin org.modelix.mps model-server-sync-plugin
org.modelix.mpsbuild build-tools org.modelix.mps build-tools-lib
org.modelix.mpsbuild gradle-mpsbuild-plugin org.modelix.mps build-tools-gradle
(new Gradle plugin marker)
org.modelix build-scripts org.modelix.mps build-solution
org.modelix headless-mps org.modelix.mps headless-runner
org.modelix authorization org.modelix authorization
org.modelix web-editors org.modelix.mps web-editors-plugin
ts-model-api ts-model-api

In case you are not on the latest modelix version, we encourage you to wait just a little bit longer - we are in the process to transition to a bi-yearly release cycle. The first release 2023.1 is planned to be launched with the upcoming MPS Meetup 20203. As a part of this we also plan to provide further documentation on the most important modelix platform components. Stay tuned!

If you have any questions feel free to reach out via the #modelix channel in the MPS Slack or via mail.